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Committed to Excellence

by Martha Mosier, LCSW-S, Vice President & COO of Hospice Brazos Valley

Hospice Brazos Valley has a long history of commitment to excellence. As a part of that commitment, we commit to being a Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) to ensure we are delivering service well above & beyond the minimum standards set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services. CHAP recertification takes place every three years and in 2018 we were again surveyed by a CHAP surveyor which measures our daily practices against the CHAP Standards for Excellence. The CHAP Standards of Excellence are designed to help us deliver the best care and services possible. These standards include:

  • Strengthening internal operations

  • Promoting continuous quality improvement techniques and systems

  • Promoting consumer safety, satisfaction and outcomes

  • Affirming public trust

  • Meeting community health needs in a cost-efficient and effective manner

  • Maintaining the viability of community health practice nationwide

I wanted to share with the community the results of the CHAP survey that was conducted in November 2018. We did remarkably well and this is a result of the outstanding work that is done every day by our Hospice Brazos Valley team.

The comments that the surveyor made during the visit were extremely complimentary. She stated that our agency was “impressive”. She also remarked that this is an agency that she would choose to work for. She specifically complimented our quality assurance program for being outstanding in its work.

Everyone’s work contributes to the success of this survey and I want to thank both our community and our hospice team for the daily commitment to that you make to ensure Hospice Brazos Valley remains the leader in hospice care. It is through this

dedication and commitment that our patients, families and communities receive excellent, compassionate care and that we continue to be a distinguished organization in meeting compliance standards. This quote by Van Gogh sums up how each of you play a part in the success of this organization.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”.

Great things are done every moment of every day at Hospice Brazos Valley. It continues to be a joy to work with each of you in delivering our mission of caring and compassion. While I’m grateful for each of you throughout the year, the new year inspires me to an even greater depth of appreciation for your dedication and partnership as we serve others.

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