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Awards Season

by Craig Borchardt, Ph.D., President & CEO of Hospice Brazos Valley

Central to our life together at Hospice Brazos Valley is our unwavering commitment to serve our patients and their families. We all do different things in our daily work, but we are single-minded in our desire to make sure that each of our patients has the best end-of-life experience possible. Every day it’s clear to me that each member of our team is passionate about their work.

Such dedication starts at the top of our organization and is inspired by our Board of Directors. The Board is as passionate about its role in our mission as we are about ours and it’s been that way since the first day we opened for business 30 years ago. Keeping patients first has been a priority for the Board since day one. In addition to patient care, the Board is also passionate about is each member of our team. Each Board member truly understands that our reputation for providing excellent, quality care that surpasses that of our competitors is the direct result of our team's hard work and dedication.

Every year, to express its appreciation and honor our staff, the Board acknowledges exemplary performance by recognizing outstanding hospice professionals and volunteers with the presentation of two awards: the Hospice Brazos Valley Outstanding Achievement Award and the Hospice Brazos Valley Volunteer of the Year Award. This process is based on peers nominating peers. The Board values the truth that those who work side by side are best qualified to identify those who daily demonstrate exemplary performance and are worthy of recognition.

We would like to both acknowledge and congratulate the 2018 winners of these awards:

Volunteer of the Year

Anna Ruiz

2018 Hospice Brazos Valley Outstanding Achievement Award

Sue Ellen Bernal, RN, Brenham

Janet Whitworth, RN, Inpatient Facility

from left: Raschel York, Volunteer Coordinator, Bryan; Anna Ruiz, Volunteer; and Craig Borchardt, Ph.D, President and CEO of Hospice Brazos Valley

Sue Ellen Bernal, RN, Brenham with Craig Borchardt, Ph.D., President & CEO of Hospice Brazos Valley

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