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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Hospice Care

Hospice care is for those who have a limited life expectancy and want to pay special attention to their emotional and spiritual needs as they near the end of their life. It's never easy making a decision about hospice care, but finding the right answers can make you feel more comfortable about the options you have available to you.

To help you feel confident in your final decision, here are four of the most frequently asked questions about hospice care and its services answered.

  1. Who is best suited for hospice services? Hospice isn't for everyone. Hospice patients are typically those with serious medical conditions that are life-threatening and making everyday living uncomfortable or painful. Patients may turn to hospice because they're spiritually or mentally distressed by their medical condition. Hospice care eases discomfort, distress, and pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Seriously ill patients may choose hospice to make their comfort and quality of life a priority.

  2. Is it better to wait for the doctor to suggest hospice? Many doctors will actually wait for the family to suggest hospice rather than the other way around. If your doctor has informed you or your loved one that you may die in the next six to 12 months, then it may be a good idea to begin a discussion about hospice services.

  3. When is the best time to begin hospice care? Hospice services can improve the quality of life and how long a patient lives. That said, it can be difficult for patients to adjust if they enter hospice near the very end of their lives. If you or your loved one may benefit from hospice services, it may be worth considering hospice services weeks or months before it's necessary.

  4. How can you benefit from a hospice facility? Hospice patients choose hospice services because it provides them with pain management, symptom management, assistance with bathing and grooming, emotional support, and spiritual support.

Where can I find a hospice facility near me?

If you or a loved one are considering hospice services, you're not alone. Many people choose to live in hospice care when they're seriously ill. Approximately 27.2% of patients in hospice care in 2016 had a cancer diagnosis and just over 18% had a cardiovascular condition.

If you're considering respite services and end of life care at a hospice care facility, Hospice Brazos Valley is the place for you. To learn more about our hospice services, contact Hospice Brazos Valley today.

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