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Since 1989, Hospice Brazos Valley has enhanced the quality of life for each patient while providing premier hospice services.  With your support, we can continue our commitment to provide quality medical care and social services to future generations.  The Living Endowment honors those who have made a deferred gift to Hospice Brazos Valley. Many of our supportive friends' and families' wills, trusts, or financial plans include gifts and bequests to the Hospice Brazos Valley Living Endowment.


Helping to secure the future of Hospice Brazos Valley can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  A simple donation, bequest by will or trust, bequest of retirement plan or IRA benefits, lead trust, life insurance, or life estate agreement are a few of the ways you can build a legacy through the Hospice Brazos Valley Living Endowment.


The Legacy Society of Hospice Brazos Valley's Living Endowment honors individuals and families who, through a planned gift in their estate or magnanimous gift in excess of $5,000, have made a lasting impact on the work of Hospice Brazos Valley.  By directing your gift to the Living Endowment, you will be a part of a legacy that continues to serve families with compassion and dignity for years to come.  Please consider partnering with us to care for future generations in your community.



As a member of the Legacy Society, you will be invited to attend special, members only, annual appreciation events.


Legacy Society members are provided with special recognition on our online Legacy Society page.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Legacy Society, or would like to learn more about the role you can play in securing the future for Hospice Brazos Valley, we would like to speak with you.  Please complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you to talk in detail about your opportunities to give.

Thank you for your interest in the Living Endowment. A member of our team will reach out to you soon.

HBV LE Legacy Society Logo


$50,000 & Above

June Dossat

Ted & Anne Hazen

The Quarles-Arden Family

Ed & Pat Runge

in honor of our 60th wedding anniversary


$25,000 & Above

Dr. Fuller W. Bazer

in memory of Elmire Ann Schaff Bazer

Phil & Polly Diebel

John & Kay Duncum

in memory of Diane Duncum

Mark & Lee Evans

in memory of Dr. Walter Frederick "Boy" Hasskarl, Jr. & Mrs. Whitehead

M. Bookman & Florence Peters

Lloyd & Maxine Rooney

Stephen & Martha Fuller


$10,000 & Above

Elton "Andy" & Karen Anderson

Betty Aycock

in memory of William T. Aycock III

Annie Buerger

in memory of Stanley Buerger

Cindy A. Buford

Vanguard Charitable Fund

Melynda Giesenschlag

John & Lori Hasskarl

in memory of Dr. Walter Frederick "Boy" Hasskarl, Jr. & Mrs. Whitehead

Cliff & Alice Hoelscher

Tim & Mary Jo Hurley

Bernadette Kamprath

Rod & Katie McCallum

Fain & Janie McDougal

Jerry & Ann O'Malley Morgan

in memory of Dr. Walter Frederick "Boy" Hasskarl, Jr. & Mrs. Whitehead

Robert & Martha Mosier

Mervin & Annette Peters

Ron & Joan Smith

in memory of Dr. Walter Frederick "Boy" Hasskarl, Jr. & Mrs. Whitehead

Bill & Debbie Giesenschlag


$5,000 & Above

Daluh Alotto

in memory of Anthony L. Alotto

Jay & Cheryl Anderholm

in memory of Evelyn F. Anderholm

Dan & Donna Beto

Craig & Chris Borchardt

Dick & Debbie Britten

Joyce Currie, Keven Currie,

Kim & Stennis Shotts

in memory of Robert "Cupcake, Bob, Bubba" Currie

Chuck & Tedi Ellison

David & Susan Fox

Jeffrey Fricke

Ron & Terri Gay


Melynda Giesenschlag

in memory of Evelyn Giesenschlag

Dr. David & Jeanette Hackethorn

in honor of the staff of Hospice Brazos Valley

TPete & Jessica Koeneman

Alice Lewis

John & Lisa McNair

Stephen & Carolyn Miller

in honor of A.C. & Lucille Miller

Jennifer Minkler

in memory of Todd Minckler

Michael O'Quinn

in honor of Loyce O'Quinn & Alice Bennett

Jan Patterson

in memory of Leland W. Patterson

Darrell & Becky Plagens

Mary Ann & Kenneth Polasek

Kay Conlee Robertson

in memory of John Harris Robertson

Roland & Jeannie Searcy

Harvey Simank

in memory of Deanna Simank

Bill & Deanne Sims

Tommy & Kate Sloan

David & Beth Sommer

Steve & Beverly Ogden

Margaret Wessels & Children

in honor of "J.C." Wessels

Ray & Tiffany Weiss


Hospice Brazos Valley Living Endowment is included in estate plan

Dr. M. Carolyn Clark

Charlie Hancock

Mary Elizabeth Herring

David Marion

John & Lisa McNair

Robert & Martha Mosier

Tom & Linda Taylor


Craig Borchardt, President
Vickie Buenger, Chairman
Brad Corrier
Dave Fox, Vice-Chairman
Mary Jo Hurley
Lisa McNair, Secretary/Treasurer
Wade Seidel
Roland Searcy 
David Sommer
Ray Weiss
Tom Taylor

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